The Bananization of the US Continues

Corruption, pay to play, demeaning treatment of women, which is worse? Are they the traits of a potential leader of the greatest nation on earth? A writer of screenplays could not have written a more unbelievable plot than this year’s elections in the US. The circumstances may be good for the sellers of anti-depressants but the entire process represents a bad example for the citizens of our country. As discussed in my newly released 7th book, We Got Mojo! success needs to begin with values and certainly there is every appearance that those wanting to become our top elected officials have different perspectives.

Values do matter. Kofi Anan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations in a eulogy after the death of Nelson Mandela succinctly said in reference to Mr. Mandela that “by showing us that the path to freedom and human dignity lies in love, wisdom, and compassion for one another Nelson Mandela stands as an inspiration for us all.” Well maybe our leaders need to practice the three keys to fine tuning your values:

  • Love one another;
  • Be wise making decisions that respect the betterment of freedom and human dignity; and
  • Exercise compassion to the rest of humanity.

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Word of the Day: Bananization- Spread it on!

Just some food for thought. In my recent book We Got Mojo, 36 of us got together and assessed what were the factors that have helped us succeed. In all cases we have started and built our success with true values. You can read our stories in the book (Here is my only ad- buy it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble on the internet and help veteran entrepreneurs).

However, what do we see in our leaders today. In Russia, Putin has a new calendar just like Sports Illustrated. In Asia, in Latin America and in many other capitals you hear about corruption but what about our American Example today? Corruption, intolerance, lies!

Here is why we need my new word “Bananization” to describe the process of turning America into a banana republic. We need to expect more from our leaders. We need to demand respect for each other be them men or women, all races, orientations, national origins etc. Remember the key to America’s prior success is its diversity and its tolerance for its diversity. We need to demand that our leaders be truthful. It is an insult for our leaders to lie to us assuming we are all stupid. Let’s fight bananization- it is a path to the destruction of. all the good that America has accomplished. Spread the word. Demand values from our leaders. Let’s continue to be the shining beacon of the world. This is not about party affiliation. It is about America and having a great future for generations to come.

I know it can be done!

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