Never Forget September 11. Our Freedom Depends on Keeping the Memory.

We all have memories of September 11. I was on a plane on my way to my office in Salt Lake City when the plane was asked to instead return to San Francisco and as soon as we arrived we were asked to leave the airport terminal. My older son and my daughter in law were in New York City on that day but fortunately not at ground zero. I had a friend that died in the building. The carnage of that day lives in my memory forever, but equally I will continue to remember what we Americans did in response to the acts of terror on that dreadful day.

Since that infamous day 15 years ago, look at what we in America have accomplished and the many American Dreams that have been achieved. We in America are innovators and risk takers as exemplified by the 36 of us who authored We Got Mojo!

Some of our stories are raw and most have had a happy ending- not all. However, on September 11 we need to particularly remember the three stories in the book by my co-authors who fought after the collapse of the towers  for the freedoms that we enjoy:

Lt. General (Ret) Ricardo Sanchez who served the US Army for 33 years including serving as the Director of Operations for US Southern Command and leading the US and Coalition forces for Operation Iraqi Freedom;

David Hornbeck, a US Marine who led IED patrols in the Middle East and patrols in Guantanamo Bay; and

US Army Major (Ret) Tom Deierlein, who was critically wounded by an Iraqi sniper yet now has completed the Army 10-miler race and several Triathlons.

The three of them have now moved into the private sector where they are building their companies while generously donating to others less fortunate. They all remember the infamy we suffered on September 11.

There are a number of other military veterans featured in the book but the three mentioned above will churn your gut with the pain of what they had to go through to insure that September 11 is not repeated and America continues to be the land of dreams.

We cannot forget September 11. May God Bless the souls that perished there and those that since have perished in the battlefield or in the homeland in this continuing Terror War trying to ensure our freedoms which sometimes we so easily take for granted.

We Got Mojo! is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other internet sellers. All proceeds go to the Disabled Veterans Business Alliance.

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