What a few more reviewers are saying!

We got Mojo! Stories of Inspiration and Perspiration is coming in November 2016. Early reviewers sing a few praises.

“Great leadership is found in courageous acts in every corner of the Earth. This compilation of compelling stories from around the globe is a source of inspiration and insight.”

Frances Hesselbein, Founder & CEO, Hesselbein Institute and Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Honor.


“Every once in a while you find a leadership book that gets right to the point, revealing the grit, determination and generosity necessary to build a lasting legacy.”

Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times bestselling author and #1 executive coach in the Thinkers50.


“While my career has been focused on the intersection of business, law, and technology, my life has been a quest for knowledge, wisdom, and useful information. This book condenses the wisdom of many lifetimes into short, moving chapters that tell the unique story of an individual undertaking inspiring personal and professional journeys. Readers seeking success in business may find that being the hero of one’s own life story is the ultimate path.”

Miriam Rivera, Managing Partner and Co-founder Ulu Ventures; formerly Member Board of Trustees, Stanford University and Vice President/Deputy General Counsel, Google.

Launching on Veterans’ Day November 11th, 2016

Early Reviews: Coming November 2016


Early reviews:

We all want to be successful, so what better way to advance that ambition than by reading the intimate stories of those who have persevered and frequently had to overcome imposing challenges to achieve personal and professional success and happiness. I have had Raul Deju as a significant author for my business journal and can assure you that his We Got Mojo! book will inspire and guide you on your own success journey.

James Kristie, Editor, Directors & Boards

Upcoming book We Got Mojo!

We Got Mojo! Stories of Inspiration and Perspiration is coming this fall. In his 7th Book, Dr. Raul A. Deju joins forces with 35 of his BFF (Best Friends Forever) including some  New York Times Bestselling Authors to take snippets from their lives and reflect on how their mojo allowed them to achieve success and the American Dream.

One thing that is clear is that they are all high-achievers and have made it through awfully difficult conditions that would have stopped people with less grit and tenacity. Their adventures have ranged from escaping genocidal regimes or dictators; to leaving a mostly illiterate South American village to become a world class engineer in the US or recovering from a sniper’s bullet in the Middle East and rebuilding oneself.

Dr. Deju and his BFF have been part of the leading innovative forces that have led to the creation of many major modern enterprises such as a number of the Virgin Brand ventures, Esurance.com, Waste Management, EnergySolutions, Appurify, MTV, Nickelodeon, Yahoo, Charles Schwab, Headwaters, and many other companies. Some of Dr. Deju’s military BFF include the General who led the coalition forces for the invasion of Iraq, Army Rangers, Navy Seals and the first female graduate as an Army Scout helicopter pilot.

Many of the stories are gut-wrenching and would hopefully inspire readers to take their lives to new heights, turn their mojo several notches up and achieve their American Dream. None of the authors have taken time to feel they are victims because they all know they are winners. The authors have used their experiences as a launch pad to offer readers of this book their 20 Rules for Success– a must read for everyone as they truly work. Definitely all 36 authors Got Mojo!

Stay tuned for info on the upcoming book and early review by other Best-Selling Authors!