Sick of Politics and Politicians Get Inspired Read We Got Mojo!

Thirty two   5-Star Reviews in Amazon can’t be wrong. For example on August 28th Anne Cunnigham a University of California Professor and an author herself wrote a review on Amazon titled:

A Blueprint for Success We Got Mojo!

” This is an inspirational book on leadership and success. A must read for any individual interested in a blueprint for success. Dr. Raul Deju and his 35 colleagues share intimate stories of their adversity and triumph in achieving personal and professional success. ‘We Got Mojo” is a treasure trove of galvanizing stories replete with lessons for all of us who seek, and believe in the American Dream.”

Watching TV these days can lead anyone to depression, alcoholism or worse. Instead, go to your favorite internet bookstore and download a copy or purchase an old-fashioned but awesome paper-copy of We Got Mojo! You will see hope, achievements, giving- all the things missing from today’s political landscape. Yes America is a great country today and likely will be tomorrow but not because of its politicians but because of our people who get an A+ for Achievement. In the last two weeks I worked from our place in Kauai, Hawaii- what a difference. I turned off the TV except to get the weather reports, and worked while looking at the blue surf zeroing in on a few green turtles and my mind cleared and my hope scale went up, not because some great leader is going to lead us but because I believe there are enough Americans that believe in the American Dream that we are unstoppable.

So click on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or our own internet site and purchase your copy. It beats therapy. For $20 you can get a soft-back edition.

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