Entrepreneurship Course is Now Online on the Curriki Platform


I am happy to let you know that three months ago we announced the launch of the Deju Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership’s course, How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur, as a free, online interactive program geared to help entrepreneurs grow and expand their businesses. This is the same course I taught over the past decade as part of the Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership to entrepreneurs and as you may know, the course has led to the creation and expansion of hundreds of successful companies several with revenue in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually. We have now transformed the program into an interactive 20-hours plus online experience offered free to university entrepreneurship programs, incubators and entrepreneurs themselves.

I am confident that the new online course will inspire entrepreneurs to build enterprises that will make the world a better place and financially reward them and their teams. I invite you to review the course and consider adopting it as part of your entrepreneurship programs and pass the material on to others. Please visit this page to review the course.  You will note that the program includes how to frame a business, what works and what does not, how to create world class products or services, how to raise early funds and many other topics. The course includes about 20 hours of interactive lectures with supplementary material featuring Bill Marriott, Tony Robbins, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and numerous other successful entrepreneurs and authors. Check out the comments from some of the students that have taken this course and seen the success it has brought them. Their comments are in the course attachment.

The interactive course was created through Curriki’s content authoring platform and their incredible team is available at your convenience to guide you through the process of bringing this course into your organization’s Learning Management System/Website/Other.  For a demo of the CurrikiStudio system and more information about how the course can be brought into your institution, please contact Abby Ross, Curriki’s CEO at Abby@curriki.org. For a direct conversation between their technical team who can guide your team through connecting the course with your Learning Management System/Website/Other  please submit this form.  

We will provide this program to any school, incubator, individual entrepreneur or university in the modality they use be it Canvas or otherwise totally free. In fact as of today we now have thousands of users.

Please feel free to contact me after you peruse the materials. Suggestions of other potential users are always welcome (universities, schools, incubators, veteran groups, etc.).

Thanks for what you do. I look forward to hearing from you.

Raul A. Deju


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