We Got Mojo! Do You?

Nothing happens in life without effort being spent. Thirty six of us summed up our bios in my 7th book We Got Mojo! Stories of Inspiration and Perspiration and in talking about the book to various groups some have said to me “well we are not sure we can get there like you did…” Well here is my answer–Stop. Failing before starting is the wrong way to think. If a road is worthwhile to travel into, then all you have to do is find the willpower to take such a road. Start with your values, figure an approach, round your Best Friends Forever and charge ahead. Edison failed over 1,000 times before he perfected his light bulb.

Fail a few times- they will be your best learning steps and every time you fall figure out how you get up and try again. Each time you will be smarter and eventually you will succeed. Read the stories of my friends and I and learn from our failures how to harness success.

Read about us by buying We Got Mojo! at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Also follow us on this blog and at http://www.wegotmojodeju.com


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