We Got Mojo and So Should You! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

As the holidays approach, I am always reminded of the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good is to give thanks for the good things we can count on for now, a good family, a great country and the opportunity to be alive today enjoying the goodness of America and its people. The bad for us now is the loss of one of my colleagues and co-author of my seventh book, Harlan Kleiman who passed away less than a month ago. Harlan who was one of the leading forces shaping the creation of Pay TV Channels, passed away peacefully leaving us without his charm, his caring, initiative and great mind. Harlan authored one of the chapters in our book We Got Mojo! Stories of Inspiration and Perspiration and will be sorely missed. Finally, the ugly is reflected in today’s polarization in our country. I offer the following solution “Let’s not get further apart, but have faith in the future. Let’s move an inch closer together  each day, let’s be tolerant and build some team mojo to get through the lows and turn them into highs”. We live in the greatest nation on earth with the greatest liberties anywhere. Let’s make America even greater, without segregating ourselves into polar opposites. Let’s turn the ugly polarization into a move toward the center where all of us can use our mojo to the benefit of all. Happy holidays, and a great 2017 to all.

Now if you still have not done it, buy a copy of We Got Mojo! Stories of Inspiration and Perspiration by Raul A. Deju and his 35 BFF. Proceeds go to help the Disabled Veterans Business Alliance. Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other booksellers.

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